Indian Motorcycle RENTALS of Southeastern Virginia

Come ride America’s 1st Region on a rental motorcycle from America’s 1st Motorcycle Company! Some of the finest riding and motorcycle tourism is within Virginia and surrounding areas/states. Plan your own ride(s) or chose from several of our pre-planned rides that we can load into your motorcycle on the industry-leading Ride CommandTM infotainment and navigation application on all our heavyweight Indian Motorcycle Rental Units. Ride to the beaches or ride to the mountains and enjoy the countless historic destinations that Virginia has to offer! Remember, Virginia is for Lovers... ...take that someone special on a tour of Virginia on the ALL NEW Indian Pursuit (the most capable and comfortable two-up American touring motorcycle!).

SPECIAL NOTE: If you are planning your rental experience with that someone special (i.e. a passenger), that person must be an adult (18 years or older) and present upon rental check-out to accept the terms of the liability waiver. 

2023 Rental Rates:



Heavyweight Chief/Heavyweight Tour

$149.00/day / $199.00/day

Same-day rentals

Scout, Chief

$99.00 - pick up and drop off before closing

All other Heavyweights

$149.00 - pick up and drop off before closing

Inquire about the numerous discounts offered to (but not limited to), our Heroes (Police/Firefighters/First Responders/Military) and Indian Motorcycle Riders’ Group (I.M.R.G.) Members, or, special rates for extended rentals of 4 days or more (contact us for all the details).


Renter minimum age: 21

  • Valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement as required by Virginia law
  • Demonstrated ability to safely operate a motorcycle

Rentals Include:

  • Open face helmet for the rider (DOT Approved)
  • Adjustable windshield, navigation, infotainment, and ample vehicle storage (Touring models)
  • Passenger backrest (Touring models)
  • Passenger foot pegs or floor boards (heavyweight models)
  • Secure luggage storage at the Dealership (if required)

Items for sale and available in a full range of sizes:

  • Full face helmet for the rider, passenger helmet (all DOT Approved)
  • Jackets, Gloves, Boots, Rain Gear, and tons of Indian Motorcycle swag

Damage Waiver Program:

The exclusive Indian Motorcycle Rental Damage Waiver Program provides you with complete peace of mind. Included with every rental is basic damage waiver protection that limits your maximum “out of pocket” expense during your rental experience to $1,500.00 for damage/vehicle loss. If this option is selected a $1,500 hold on a major credit card for the damage waiver is required for the duration of the rental.

Optional coverage (Premium Damage Waiver Program): For only $15.00 (whether your rental is for one day or one month, just one single charge of $15 for the entire rental). Purchase of the Premium Damage Waiver Protection for only $15 and you upgrade basic damage waiver protection that limits your maximum “out of pocket” expense during your rental experience to $750.00 for damage/vehicle loss. If this option is selected only a $750 hold on a major credit card for the damage waiver is required for the duration of the rental.

(Terms apply)

Customer Orientation:

Every rental customer will receive motorcycle orientation. The orientation covers aspects of safe motorcycle operation, renter’s maintenance responsibilities, and an overview of local and state laws.


Fuel is the renter’s responsibility. Indian Motorcycle of Southeastern Virginia delivers all rental motorcycles will a full tank of 91 Octane or higher gasoline. Fuel is available at the gas station next door to the dealership and it’s highly recommended to refuel there immediately prior to motorcycle turn-in. The final fuel receipt is required for inspection at vehicle turn-in to ensure all motorcycles are refueled/returned with the required 91 Octane or higher fuel. Motorcycles that are returned unfueled with be charged a $30 refueling charge.


Use of DOT Approved/Certified helmets is required at all times.

½ helmets or ¾ helmets (size dependent) for the rental rider are available FREE of charge. The renter may upgrade to a full-face helmet for a small fee (when available). Rental passengers may rent a helmet of any style for a fee. Riders and passengers are encouraged to bring their own helmets that meet their comfort and style needs. Numerous styles and size helmets are available for purchase at the dealership.

Any helmet used in conjunction with an Indian Motorcycle Rental must at a minimum must be DOT Approved/Certified (i.e. No skid lids are authorized).

Maintenance and Tire damage Responsibility:

The renter is responsible for checking the engine oil level when refueling and maintaining correct motorcycle tire pressure. Any and all mechanical issues or failures should be reported immediately. Instructions and procedures for reimbursement of any maintenance/repair expenses required during the rental period will be provided to the renter during the rental delivery/pick-up process. Renters may be held responsible for mechanical damage due to negligence in motorcycle operation or failure to provide normal maintenance.

Motorcycle Substitution:

Customers can substitute for another motorcycle at any time, subject to availability. Substitutions incur an additional cost when the motorcycle substitution is from a higher cost rental class. When this occurs, the difference will be charged. In the case of substitution to a lower-cost rental class, a refund will not be provided.


Subject to the availability of the rental for the entire rental period desired, walk-in renters are always welcome and can rent the motorcycle of their choice.


Violation of listed restrictions voids insurance and the client will be held liable for damages.

Road Restriction: Rental motorcycles are not allowed on gravel roads, dirt roads, beaches, logging, or other unimproved roads.

Use Restriction: The rental motorcycle may not be used: 1) by anyone other than the authorized renter; 2) for instruction or driver's license training; 3) to carry passengers or property for hire; 4) to operate in a race or contest; 5) outside of the contiguous United States; 6) while under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance; 7) for conduct that could be charged as a crime for; 8) recklessly; or 9) while overloaded.

Return Policy and Late Fees:

A rental day begins at 10:00 AM and goes 24 hours to 10:00 AM the following day. All AM rental pick-ups must be returned by 10:00 AM on the return day (as of about the details for evening pick-up/drop-off). A late fee of $49/hour will apply for motorcycles returned late by 1 hour or less. Late returns up to 2 hours will result in a $119 late fee. After two full hours late, the late fee will be a full day rental charge. Indian Motorcycle of Southeastern Virginia may initiate legal action if a motorcycle is over 24 hours late for return without prior notification/coordination.

Refund Policy:

Rental reservations are refundable when canceled at least 48 hours prior to rental pick-up. There is no refund for early returns.

Payment Methods:

Indian Motorcycle of Southeastern Virginia accepts the following methods of payment: Cash, travelers check, credit card, and debit card. The damage waiver ($1,500 or $750) pre-approval on a credit/debit card is required prior to rental pick-up. Reservations are charged in full when made in order to lock in the rate (with applicable discount) and vehicle availability.

Rental Hours

Monday through Saturday: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM. The Dealership is closed on Sundays and Mondays. To rent a motorcycle on a Sunday, it must be rented through a Sunday as part of a multi-day rental. Although the Dealership is closed on Mondays, rental returns can be scheduled on a Monday during the 10:00 AM - 6 PM timeframe in advance during vehicle rental check-out/pick-up.